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Producer Gale Anne Hurd Talks about Hulk and T3

Producer Gale Anne Hurd, who has an extensive background in producing sci-fi movies, is working on her next major project, Ang Lee's The Incredible Hulk. Hurd says that the Hulk has never been a superhero, and the story is more of a Frankenstein meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But Hurd didn't want to reveal too many details, saying that Ang Lee's take on the subject is "reversionary."

Hurd also gave a few words about the upcoming Terminator sequel, since she and James Cameron produced the first two movies. She wishes the new producers the best and hoped they would take it to the next level. She says that she mourned a little when Cameron and she found out they wouldn't be involved, but that they're over it now.

Actress Emily Watson Talks About Red Dragon

Actress Emily Watson has talked a little about what audiences can expect in the upcoming Red Dragon remake. She says the movie's a lot different than the Michael Mann movie Manhunter, which left out so much. Red Dragon, she says, is much closer to the book. She also reported that the gore factor would not be like Hannibal and that the production is more like Silence of the Lambs in that a lot is left to the imagination.

Director Wes Craven On The Fountain Society, Freddie Vs. Jason and American McGee's Alice

Horror director Wes Craven is still hoping to make a movie out of his cloning novel, The Fountain Society, although he's currently having the script rewritten. Changing Lanes scripter Chap Taylor is working on the rewrite right now, and Craven says the biggest problem is translating its big and sprawling plot to a tellable story within a two hour time period. Craven insists Taylor is just shortening and tightening the plot. When asked about the novel's similarities with the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The 6th Day, Craven said he thought the movie was interesting, but his novel is different, and he was lucky it came out before all the buzz about cloning hit the news this year.

Craven also says that he would be open to directing the long-in-development Freddy vs. Jason, but it would depend on the script. A bunch of writers have submitted various drafts over the past five years, but New Line hasn't greenlighted any of them. But Craven is friends with the Friday the 13th producers as well as, of course, the Nightmare on Elm Street producers, so if the project gets off the ground, Craven may be on board

Meanwhile, Craven says that he is in development on a computer-animated film version of the video game American McGee's Alice for Dimension Films. The movie will be very close to the video game, and Craven is trying to bring in as many of the game's elements as possible. The game is a Quake-style adventure that takes place in a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. Dimension has tentatively scheduled the film for a 2003 release.

Bullock Still Front-Runner As Wonder Woman

Sandra Bullock is still the front-runner to play Wonder Woman in a proposed movie that Leonard Goldberg is trying to put together. If Sandra Bollock passes, other actresses being considered are Jennifer Aniston from Friends and Chyna from the WWF.

Michael Madsen in Next Bond Film

Actor Michael Madsen is reportedly in talks to appear in the next James Bond film. He would play Falco, a rogue CIA agent. Meanwhile Pierce Brosnan will be back along with John Cleese and Judi Dench. Halle Berry is also scheduled to guest star.

Madsen is also in line to star in Blueberry, a supernatural Western based on a French comic book. Madsen will play a villain attempting to get to a stockpile of gold hidden in Indian terriroty, and being pusured by a marshall named Bluberry trying to stop him.

Jackie Chan Next in The Tuxedo

Jackie Chan is working on a new action-comedy called The Tuxedo. Co-star Jason Isaacs says that the magical suit gives its wearer super abilities. Like The Mask, you wearer can do whatever they want to do. The Tuxedo will be out this summer.

Spy Kids 2 Casting News

With the success of the original Spy Kids, Spy Kids 2 is loading up on guest stars. Not only are Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino back as the parents, but Haley Joel Osment's sister Emily is in the cast, along with Cheech Marin, Ricardo Montalban, Bill Paxton, Steve Buscemi and Holland Taylor. Spy Kids 2 will be out this summer.

Harry Potter News

As we've reported earlier, filming has begun on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The latest casting news is that Hugh Mitchell, 12, will play Colin Creevey, Harry's biggest fan, and Bonnie Wright will be back as Ginny Weasley. Also Shirley Henderson, who was in Bridget Jones' Diary, will play Moaning Myrtle, the ghost who haunts the girls' bathroom. Alfred Burke will appear as Howarts' former headmaster, Armando Dippet, and Julian Glover will provide the voice of Aragog the giant spider.

Someone stole publicity photos from the studio where the Harry Potter sequel is being shot. Warner Bros. has issued a warning to the media not to publish any of the stolen pictures. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is scheduled to be out next Thanksgiving.

Director Robert Zemeckis May Leave DreamWorks

There's a rumor that long-time Spielberg friend and collaborator, director Robert Zemeckis, may be moving his Imagemovers production company from DreamWorks' facilities to the Warner Bros. lot, according to an unnamed source. Zemeckis' five year deal with DreamWorks ends next year, and he directed What Lies Beneath and Cast Away for the studio.

Zemeckis may want to get out from under Spielberg's shadow. A few years ago, Zemeckis was named by Variety as the top director in Hollywood in terms of film revenue. Zemeckis has directed such films as the Romancing the Stone series of pictures, Forest Gump, and of course the recent Cast Away.

Actor Eric Bana Talks About The Hulk

Actor Eric Bana, who's won the title role in Ang Lee's upcoming Hulk movie says that he was more influenced by the Hulk TV show than the Marvel Comics version. He says he was never a huge comic book reader when he was a kid, but he was completely obsessed with the TV Show. So he was familiar with the character through the show.

As to how Ang Lee is going to pull off the transformation from scientist to monster, Bana says that he does play both characters, but that's all he's allowed to say.

Recently Jennifer Connelly was cast to play girlfriend Betty Ross, and the film will start shooting in March for a 2003 release date.

Jimmy Neuton TV Series Is Readied

Nichelodeon is readying a TV version of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius to be ready for September 2002. The characters will be more fleshed out and will concentrate mainly on the day-to-day life of the kids. But the show will feature the same 3-D computer animation as the movie, thanks to the ability to recycle elements developed for the film version. Also if the movie does well, the producers hope there will be more adventures on the big screen.

Star Trek: Nemesis News

Beauty and the Beast's Ron Perlman will join the cast of Star Trek Nemesis, according to the official Star Trek Web site. It also confirmed that Tom Hardy is Shinzon, the nemesis of the film's title. Perlman will start as the Viceroy, a mentor to Shinzon. Perlman will play The Viceroy as a Nosferatu-like character will a horrifying appearance that includes long, grotesque fingernails. The Viceroy, who is telepathic, will help Shinzon invade Counselor Troi's mind.

Meanwhile other guest stars include Steven Culp, who was in the HBO Creature Feature How to Make a Monster, and Dina Meyer who will play Commander Donatra.

Returning Star Trek regulars include all of the Next Generation cast including Majel Barrett, Kate Mulgrew and Wil Wheaton. Rick Berman is producing and Stuart Baird.

Punk Rocker to play on Roswell

Punk Rocker John Doe, the leader of the seminal LA band X, gets to play one of his new songs on Roswell where he also plays the dad of one of the teens. Doe has a new album out called Freedom Is… and the show features a song from it.

There a Buffy the Vampire role-playing game in development and scheduled to hit stores this summer. Later in the summer, the Buff core rule book will follow, lkater to be supplemented by the Slayer's Handbook, Monster Smackdown, Welcome to Sunnydale, and other books.

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