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New Shows Added to Comic Book Radio

11-26-04 - CL-Comic Book Radio has been updated and features all new November shows. The Comic Zone has been added to the line-up of shows.

The other channels are being updated. There's new programming on Cosmic Landscapes Radio and more to come. We hope to be totally up-to-date by early December.

Destinies for 11-26 has been uploaded to the Archives Page.

Now four great radio stations on the Cosmic Landscapes Radio Network:

Cosmic Landscapes Radio - All of the nation's sci-fi radio shows on one station. Comic Book Radio - All of the nation's comics-related radio shows on one station.
Science and Politics Radio - Where science, computers, hacking and politics collide. Cosmic Landscapes Redux - A repeat of last week's programming, just in case you missed it.

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Updated 11/26/04
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